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PRESENCE We simply hope to be good neighbors, living life and looking to join the ways Jesus is already at work in the everyday stuff of each day. We open our doors, tables and hands to one another, giving and receiving whatever is needed in the moment.

HOUSING We want everyone in the ID to experience safe, affordable housing. We started a non-profit called Home Together, Inc., and we have the Refuge House that provides transitional housing and a “Safe Outdoor Space,” for our neighbors who are living on the streets.

REFUGE HOUSE With rising rent costs and an extreme shortage of rentals, many of us are finding ourselves on the verge of homelessness. The refuge house exists to provide a short-term, safe and secure place to live while we work and save enough to move into a more permanent living situation. 

SAFE OUTDOOR SPACE The thing we hear most from our neighbors living on the streets is that a safe and secure place to sleep and keep important documents is needed. The backyard of our Refuge House is our mini “safe outdoor space” intended to come alongside a few of our neighbors, providing a safe place to pitch a tent, sleep and secure their belongings.

REFUGE APARTMENTS We also partner to provide a few apartments for those of us having a difficult time securing permanent housing. We are able to lower some of the barriers to enter into a traditional lease. Tenants pay rent, often reduced and are invited into our shared life.

FRANCIS HOUSE We partner with Francis House to provide our neighbors living on the street with home cooked soups, sandwiches and treats. It is a place of hospitality and peace. Francis house operates out of our building Friday-Tuesdays, serving over 150 meals each day. All are welcome to grab a cup of soup and/or volunteer.

JUNTOS We also partner with Juntos, a ministry of the Navigators i:58. They've been in the neighborhood close to 20 years coming alongside our youth and families. 

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