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Our Sunday gatherings are full of kids, food and worship. We sing, read and hear scripture, pray, and proclaim the Good News of Jesus together. Any kind of clothes are welcome. Some of us live on the street, others come straight from work or the couch. So, come however you feel comfortable. We are very flexible when it comes to noise and interruptions as our kids learn to worship with us and some of us are sometimes recovering from difficulties and traumas we’ve experienced.

Children 2 years old - elementary school age stay with us for the first part of worship and then are blessed to continue their worship and learning during the sermon in their own space inside our building. They then return to participate in the Lord’s Supper and our shared meal. Middle school and high school students stay with us the entire time.

The most unique part of our worship together is that we always share a meal! It’s potluck, but don’t worry, there is always enough for visitors, so come and enjoy a full table with us!

REST. About four times each year, there are 5 Sundays in one month. When there is a 5th Sunday, our community intentionally steps into REST. We do not believe rest is simply “inactivity,” rather it is creating space to intentionally step into relational connection with God and those closest to us.

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